About us



In 13 years ONLY around the world by bike and ship! Entertaining multimedia presentation by Monika Estermann and Robert Spengeler.

Countless stories and exciting encounters. Immerse yourself with us in foreign cultures and accompany us to unknown countries and regions.

Different MultiMedia Presenations about our long trip are planned for the winter of 2021. These will be published shortly on the Velocos website.

From a time-limited tour has become an almost limitless journey. The Velocos Monika and Robi have cycled in 13 yaers over 63000 miles (101024 KM) with their fully packed bikes and sailed 22000 nautical miles (around 25000 miles, about 40000km) on board off different ships.
They covered the entire distance overland and overseas, without boarding an airplane!
For a better overview just click on the adjoining world map or read the Velocos Newsletter December 2018.